Best Waterpark in Maharashtra - WnJ Shirdi

Why Wet’nJoy Shirdi is the Best Waterpark in Maharashtra

One of the best ways to relax on a holiday is to visit a waterpark. Splashing around in water, dancing in the rain, galloping over waves and sliding on water rides is the ultimate idea of adventure and fun. The Wet’nJoy, Waterpark in Shirdi, is one such mind blowing destination for visitors of all ages. With great service and delightful rides, this waterpark is close to many smaller cities of the state, such as Kopargaon, Sangamner, Ahmednagar, Jalna, Manmad, Sinnar, Aurangabad and more.

  • Things to do in Kopargaon and other towns

Mumbai and Pune are perhaps the most popular cities of Maharashtra. However, the other several Tier 3 and 4 towns are often forgotten when it comes to tourism. But these smaller cities, do in fact, have their very own fascinating history, architecture and culture. They are less crowded, cleaner and boast of a lifestyle that is calm and warm and often amiss in larger cities.

Shirdi, of course, is a popular religious and spiritual location. The Sai Temple where the remains of Sai Baba lie is the main landmark destination of the city. Things to do in Kopargaon include visiting the only temple of the Demons Guru or Daityaguru Shukracharya. Sangamner gets its name from the confluence of three rivers – Mhalungi, Pravara and Adhala. There are lots of things to do in Ahmednagar which is historically steeped in the architecture and culture of the Nizam Shahi era. Jalna is known for its many industries, whereas, Manmad has the largest storehouse of grain in Asia. And there is a long list of things to do in Sinnar, a hidden gem when it comes to museums and jewelry shops. All these towns though less in area, size and population have their unique character and attractions.

Also, Maharashtra has good road connectivity with several national and state highways passing through it. Almost all of the smaller cities and towns are well connected to each other and other major and important cities of the state.

  • Shirdi Connectivity

Shirdi, the town of Sai Baba is popular on the world map. Devotees from India and across the world, who believe in the divinity of this influential saint, come to Shirdi throughout the year. However, Shirdi is also well connected to the other smaller towns of Maharashtra from where devotees flock towards the city for Darshan. Some of the towns are only a few kilometers and few hours away from Shirdi.

For instance, Kopargaon is only 14 km from Shirdi. Sinnar is 58km, Jalna 170km, Ahmednagar 85km and Manmad 68km. In fact, tourists can plan their travel itinerary in ways where there can be stop-overs at these towns before proceeding to Shirdi. Sinnar is en route to Shirdi from Nashik, or one can also pass Manmad and Kopargaon from Nashik to Shirdi. One can cross Sangamner while traveling from Pune or visit Ahmednagar and visit Shirdi from there directly. There are various possibilities and travel plans that can be arranged to pass to and from the other towns of the state.

  • Shirdi Attractions

The route to reach and get back from Shirdi from any of the major or minor cities of Maharashtra would be an attraction by itself. Passing through the physical, social and cultural landscapes of the state, is an eventful journey. However, once you reach, what are the things to do in Shirdi?

First of all, the Darshan of Sai Baba at the Sai Mandir, is the most obvious thing to do once in Shirdi. After seeking His blessings and visiting other religious spots, such as Gurusthan, Dwarakamai and Saiteerth Theme Park, visitors can do something fun and pleasurable.

And we hence come back to Wet’nJoy, Waterpark Shirdi! This exotic water park is home to fabulous family and thrill rides. The Lazy River, Family Ride, Family River, Multi Play Station, Thunder Waves etc. are some of the amazing family and kids rides that can be enjoyed with all.

Anaconda, Dare Devil Drop, Cyclone Ride, and Tornado etc. are thrill and adventure rides that are best enjoyed by the youngsters and groups of friends. There is a lot of laughter, screaming, and high energy atmosphere at the thrill rides, because they combine excitement and fear, fun and nervousness all together in a couple of minutes.

  • Wet’nJoy, Shirdi

The Wet’nJoy, Waterpark in Shirdi, is affordable and hence is visited by all strata of people. Locals from the smaller cities of Kopargaon, Sinnar or Manmad can also have as good a time as those from Mumbai, Pune or Nashik. Thus it is considered the best waterpark in Manmad and the best waterpark in Jalna and the best waterpark in Ahmednagar as well! This is because people from all of these cities also visit it often as it is easily accessible and reasonably affordable.

Besides, there are various amenities available at the waterpark. Some of these include locker facilities, changing rooms, medical area, ambulance service, wheelchair facilities etc. There are also food stalls and courts, as well as the Friends Restaurant that serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snacking options.

Wet’nJoy, Shirdi is one of the topmost and most enjoyable things to do in Kopargaon, Sangamner, Manmad, Jalna, Ahmednagar and many of the other surrounding towns and villages.

Notes: The Bom-Bay (Red) & Dare Devil Drop (Yellow) Slide will be closed on 20 & 21 March 2024 due to Under Maintenance.